Buenas noches to all the parents, Glimpsers, and other internet people! For our first Community Action Project (CAP) day we have Omar, Ulysses, and Cole as Leaders of the Day. We bring this broadcast exclusively to you, under the beauty of the celestial bounty of the warm, red glow of Mars and the golden hue of the rising moon. Today, our delegation was able to finally start our Community Action Project! We trekked down to the Magic Fútbol Club stadium at Barrio las Flores to begin our exciting first day. There we began to weave the strongest of fútbol nets, paint and organize a storage shed, and beautify the walls. After our hard work with Magic, we had a chance to go back to the hotel and have some times to ourselves to explore and have fun in Constanza.

We taught ourselves how to fashion a net, how to work with the local community, and collaborate to paint as one. Over the course of the day there were muchas sorpresas, but what surprised us the most was our newfound and uncanny talent of working together. All of the individual teams worked very hard and were very efficient, but it was our collective teamwork that really energized us.

Being Lider Del Dia was an interesting endeavor from start to finish. Although it was challenging at times it was fun to go with the flow. The group as a unit worked very well together and it was a great experience to build something together.

Omar, Cole, and Ulysses 😊