Heey this is Sh’Nea from El Cerrito High School. Today our delegation began making headway on our Community Action Project. We brainstormed project ideas to uplift the spirits La Pita Mira Flor, a small but thriving community.  We decided it would be best to concentrate our energy on painting their community room, building a much needed set of stairs to provide better access, and donating school supplies such as dictionaries, textbooks and writing tools.

The community room is the focal point of the community, where weddings, birthday parties and important meetings are held. Right now the room is dismal and not particularly inviting. We wanted to brighten the room like the warm smiles of the families we met there the other day and felt it was very important to focus our attention on an area used by everyone in the community. Instead of stairs, there is a muddy hill outside the community room, it is slightly difficult to get up the hill in general, and when it rains it is very dangerous and easy for people to slip and fall.  After we designed our project and discovered our budget amount, the next step was to head out into downtown Esteli for materials. We split into three groups to gather paint, cement, textbooks etc and managed to get everything we needed, with money left over.

We are so excited to implement our ideas, and feel so good knowing the people of La Pita are looking forward to our being there. We have thought long and hard about how our experiences here have influenced our decisions around this project, and we believe it will be meaningful, sustainable and so much fun! Tune in Monday for pictures of our CAP!!!!