“You will get all you want in life if you help enough people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar.

Helping out others has been one of the themes throughout this  trip in Nicaragua, but today especially this idea was put into practice. It was the first day we got to work on our Community Action Project at La Goyena community. Before we even got our hands dirty we had to do the basic essentials, get up at 7:00am, breakfast at 7:30, and we had a special seminar where we wrote big thank you letters to donors who generously gave scholarships to us to help make this trip possible. If any donors are reading this, we want to give a big thank you on behalf of the  delegation and expect a letter in your mail soon. Afterwards we were split into three groups to get the materials for the three projects we are working on. The pipe project where we connect pipes to help get water to sinks throughout the community, the filtration signs where buckets are made into sinks and signs show how to easily filtrate their water, and lastly a painted mural to educate people about  the conservation about water.

We arrived at la Goyena at 2:00, each of us anticipating to work hard for  the community and see our three projects come to life. I give everyone a BIG round of applause because whether they were digging holes, painting, or making signs everyone was giving their all and that is what I love to see, even a bigger thank you to the community members who helped too.  After two hours of solid work we left La Goyena and headed straight to dinner all covered in paint and dust. Then we prepared for our 2nd to last English tutoring session. Its going to be hard to say goodbye to our students because we built such a strong bond with them and for me to say goodbye to Nicaragua. Today as a group we made a lot of progress, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us tomorrow! I know this group has the potential to do great thing not only here in Nicaragua but wherever they may end up in life!

ps (mom i miss you and the family)