We are Sara and Cynthia and today we had the opportunity to be the leaders of the day. Today we woke up early, had breakfast and took a trip to Llulludongo. Llulludongo is a rural community that is our partner for our CAP project. Today we started our project by painting the main stairs in the “FAE” school. We decided to paint the stairs with fun, bright and attractive colors to improve the appearance of the school. After a hard-working day in the bright sun, we finished painting the stairs with solid rainbow colors, Although we didn’t finish the designs, we managed to complete our main goal.

Afterward, we got ready and prepared our lessons for our English tutoring class. We went to Verbo Divino, the school where we tutor. Each day, tutoring has become easier and more enjoyable for every single one of us. Tutoring students has been both empowering and exciting. We have gotten to know all of our students and played games with them.

Today, we learned that collaboration and teamwork is an efficient method for preparing and organizing ourselves when trying to accomplish any goal.

Thanks for taking the time to actually read this and enjoy it (I hope so)

Sara and Cynthia