Community Action Project day 1 is a success!

Note: Our Community Action Project is refurnishing an abandoned ramshackle structure so the community would be able to use it as a school. We raised approximately $450 and received many generous donations from local stores.

Like every other day, we woke up early in the morning and had Gallo Pinto for breakfast. Right after breakfast, we got onto a school bus and traveled to el Robedal. Although we arrived at our destination a tad bit late, we had a successful day.

When we arrived to el Robedal, we were greeted with eager and curious locals ranging from all ages. We began to work at our designated locations. We were divided into four groups and had specific tasks to complete. For our first working shift, everyone either shoveled sand off a truck onto a tarp, moved bags of cement, or collected local resources like rock and water. It was strenuous work because of the radiating heat from the sun and the rocky terrain.



By the next shift, more locals had joined us in our endeavors. The most dangerous part of the project (fixing the roof) was appointed to professional volunteers within the area. We glimpsers primarily focused on building a wall of rocks around the perimeter of the structure. We were able to leave the community early today because of our efficiency and dedication.

When we returned home, we took a short break then continued to work on our CAP project by searching for more donations. Some store owners were generous enough to donate buckets of paint. After all of our work, we ate cheeseburgers and other American foods at a nearby restaurant. Everyone was happy with dinner and we quickly scurried home to our nightly meeting. The nightly meeting was a success and the leader hat was handed down to Coco after she got into a bridge position and recited the alphabet backwards with her eyes closed in an English accent.

Think you for reading my blog! We will all be back home soon. Goodnight and wish us good luck!!!

-Benjamin Chen, Lowell class of 2016