Hello everybody! Today, we started our morning by eating at Imabite as usual, before going to the special needs school to continue our work for the Community Action Project. We split into two groups to tackle the trail and the painting of the rooms to accomplish the most with the time we were given. Management team went out and had to buy the rest of the supplies we needed, and found some new (and initially slightly discouraging) information. The list of supplies we had sent with them came out to be way over our budget limit, so we had to make some difficult decisions. We tried cutting our supplies by half, but that still was not enough. So, we decided that we would prioritize the project that Blanca Rosa favored the most, which was painting the classrooms. Although this caused some tensions between the group, we pulled through and came out with a plan that would still involve the whole team and make an impact on the community.

The trail committee´s new plan consists of a cleared and leveled path, and a newfound use for the resources already found on the school grounds. We powered through the rest of the day, fighting heat, exhaustion, and gloomy weather. The painting committee faced similar obstacles, but the end result made it all worth it. Taking frequent breaks so as to not overexert ourselves, drinking lots of water, and rotating tasks made it possible for us to see such fast results. With this, we are very excited to see the end of the CAP, and the smile on Blanca Rosa´s face as we leave a lasting, positive impact.

Once our ´shift´was completed, we headed back to the hostel for a quick shower and English tutoring prep. Following a tasty dinner at none other than the prestigious Imabite, we went to teach English. Since our tutoring is coming to an end, we thought what better way to end it than with a talent show! Our students seemed very excited, yet saddened that we´d be leaving so soon. With that in mind, we look toward the oncoming days with a mixture of eagerness and melancholy – sad to be going, but glad to have made such quick friendships with the delegation, the locals, and Nicaragua.