Hey!!  This is Eryk and Luisa coming at you from Jarabacoa.

Today is day two of our community action project (CAP).  We started the day by waking everyone up at 6:30 am. We had breakfast at 7:30, consisting of plantains, salami, fried eggs, and some fruit.  Full, we went to Los Calabazos and started to mix cement in order to finish fixing the remaining dilapidated stairs. At 12:30 we broke for lunch, which was made by the community of Los Calabazos.  We had molo, chicken, potato salad, and tostones. Shortly after lunch, we finished fixing the stairs! With the stairs done we started to fix the potholes on the motorcycle path next to the stairs.  We also finished making the entrance sign to Los Calabazos. At 3:00 we headed back to our hostel and went to explore Jarabacoa in our free time. Our free time ended at 6:15, and we got to work editing our letters of appreciation for donors of Global Glimpse. We worked until dinner at 7, which was ground beef, cucumber, and cheese salad. At 8 we had our nightly meeting, which ended with a bang as we passed the leadership torch to Noah and Jordy.  We had an hour of free time after dinner before it was time for bed.

During CAP day 2 we realized how much work can be done in such a short amount of time when a group of people is passionate.  We were able to finish the project a day early by fixing all of the dangerous stairs and filling in the potholes along the road.  Also, those who were working on the entrance sign finished as well. Overall, this was the most productive day of the trip. It was truly inspiring that the amount of work we could get done in two days will impact a whole community for such a long period of time.  The quality is workers, including the determined Glimpsers and the skilled workers from Los Calabazos made this entire project a reality. It is important to take away from this community action project that quality of workers is much more important than the quantity of them.