Today was our second day to work on our project and I am proud to let you know that we accomplished more than half of our Community Action Project! Our Community Action Project consists of two parts: one group is making a film on self-defense for young girls while the other group paints and decorates a portable classroom in a school named Ruben Dario to create a better learning environment and inform students about our partner organization, Club Infantil.

We spent 8 full hours re-painting the inside and outside of the portable classroom and designing and painting a mural that represents Club Infantil and Nicaragua’s landscape and culture. ¬†We got the majority of the project done, but the mural still needs some finishing touches and the inside of the portable classroom still needs some minor touchups but, other than that, it is AMAZING! I feel so happy to help kids out by making their learning environment more vivid and meaningful. The 30 minutes of scraping the desk to make it squeaky clean left my hand sore but that does not compare to a child smiling from ear to ear from the joy that it brings them.


I learned to appreciate my belongings even more because I realized that it takes a lot of work to create and re-create things to the best of one’s ability. When you do things to help others, you have to do it from the bottom of your heart with lots of love and care to make a greater impact. I am glad that my fellow glimpsers and I can make a big impact for the future leaders of Nicaragua by giving them an environment where they can learn and succeed.