Exhaustion laid heavily on everyone shoulders today after a wakeup call of 6:30 am and an entertaining night at the Disco. Even with a nap on every ones minds, there was something even more important to everyone today, which was to get this project completed by revitalizing the park for the kids. We all had a mission to complete, however, during the first half of our day, it seemed like we were trying to complete mission impossible, instead of just remodeling a park. Looking back now, I (Alexis) can’t say if the problem was our lack of energy or that our positive attitudes had not kicked in yet, but I must give the rest of the global glimpsers’ credit for getting to work and making progress because by the second half of the day, “hustle” must have been the word in everyone’s heads. Well now that I think about it maybe it was all that pizza and soda that we filled up on at lunch. No matter what the reason, I can honestly say we pulled together and created a park that looked like new. Even with the little touch ups that still need to be finished (tomorrow), everyone should be proud of their hard work. This was not an easy task and everyone knew that from the start, but instead of rebelling and constantly arguing, we all embraced the challenge.

The overall lesson of today in my eyes (Christian’s) would be…”never finish a project after dancing at the disco to literally the next morning.” With only 5 hours of sleep, painting the rest of a whole park proved to be a quite tedious task. With frustration scratching in the back of everyone’s minds, people snapping at each other was inevitable. However, what surprised me most was that after devouring countless amounts of crust less pizza, some of us magically regained some of the energy we had spent at the disco the night before. This new energy brings me to the part of the day that made me most proud. *Drum roll* …We actually got most of the park done! Well…until the rain washed fifty percent of our hard work away, that of which will make us have to go back tomorrow for two hours of our FREE DAY. Nevertheless, the persistence of the group left my heart warmed and my jaw dropped. All in all, being one of the leaders today was one of the most difficult tasks I have done my whole life.  Despite the countless head counts, with the help of my dearest friends, it was fun. At first, I thought that I was not “leader material” because I am the total opposite of aggressive. However, I realized through guidance of my peers that there are all types of leaders and I finally figured out what type of leader I am. I’m not the aggressive type, but I am the type to pull most of my strength from others around me and encourage others. By doing this, I managed to be a successful leader.

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