Arriving in Suarez, we were welcomed with warm smiles and excitement from the community. As we started our second day of our Community Action Project, we continued to make some progress on the baseball field. From painting the letters on the backstop to building benches for people to sit and watch the baseball games, each Glimpser strived to work through this hot, humid, and work-filled day and accomplished so much through it.

Each Glimpser was eager to continue working where we left off the previous day. The painting committee began to paint the words the community requested on the backstop to give their visitors a warm welcome to their homes. With bright yellow paint, we wrote “SUAREZ” and the “Asociaciόn De Mujeres” or the “Women’s Association.” As many Glimpsers painted, the project seemed to come together even more. To give appreciation to our delegation for our help, the community asked us to paint each of our names onto the backstop. While some Glimpsers painted, others dug holes and made cement to build the benches. Already having knowledge from the previous day, we were able to move more smoothly with the work. To occupy the children of the community, the child management committee played with them at the playground located near our worksite. Towards the end of the day, some Glimspers even found themselves enjoying a game of soccer with the kids.

As our second day in the community came to an end, we took some time to admire how much we accomplished together in only two days. As a family, we worked to create a legacy in Suarez that we hope remains not only in the community, but also in their hearts forever.

Making our way back to San Juan de la Maguana, we arrived at the hostel and started our Program Seminar. Through this seminar, each Glimpser wrote a heartfelt letter to the donors of Global Glimpse who contributed to make this once-in-a-lifetime trip possible for us. After completing our first drafts of these letters, we had the chance to explore the city once again. Some of us went out to eat ice cream, purchase snacks and souvenirs, and simply get to know the city even more. To end our exhausting, work-filled, and exciting day, we headed to Rosaura’s Restaurant to enjoy a delicious dinner.

As the end our trip approaches, we are wrapping up our last days with each other. Many memories have been made these past 13 days and we have created a bond among each other where we can call each other family. With three days left, we are working hard to complete our Community Action Project and make the most memories we can before we part ways.