Today was the final day of our Community Action Project (CAP). We had about 5 hours to complete everything we promised to the community with an hour lunch break. In this time we finished and varnished both benches and the table that we said we were going to donate. The table was painted green and decorated with flowers and more where the benches were painted in different solid colors of green, blue, red, or yellow. In front of the benches we cleaned and leveled the ground because we had made cement and concrete in that place earlier during our project. Over the course of the three days we took to help the community of San Francisco, we learned to appreciate the importance of community. With enough determination, a small group of people can accomplish a lot. We want to take the things we’ve learned both back home with us and into the future.

We’re going to miss all of the people from San Francisco. They happily opened their homes and their hearts to all of us. We had a lot of fun playing games with their cute children too. We hope they enjoy the beginnings of their community center and hope they continue on to the roof soon. With this center we hope they become closer as a community. They are the purest example of kind people.

Goodnight everyone,

Saije and Josi