Hello everyone back home. Today the leaders of the day were Elsa and Gabby. We started our community action project today which was painting the rooms at a school. It was messy and tiring but a lot of fun.

So, our day officially started at 7:00am when we woke up everyone for an unfortunately late breakfast. It was worth the wait though because we got to eat PANCAKES which everyone was excited about. Then we got on the bus at 9:00 to go to the school. We made a stop on the way to buy supplies. When we got to the school, it took a lot of time to prepare the walls to paint. We had to put down plastic to protect the floor in each room, unwrap supplies, and open the primer we had bought, which alone took at least 10 minutes until we found a hammer.

The painting process was extremely long and tiring for everyone. The walls were concrete so it was difficult to fill all the holes and bumps. This took a lot more time than we expected and we used a lot of primer. Because of the holes, we had to sponge the holes with paint brushes, which felt a lot like stabbing the walls.

Students got tired and very sweaty (Elsa got really pink in the face from working so hard) and we were excited for our lunch break that was bussed over to us. After lunch we continued priming walls.

Towards the end of working, everyone was rushing to complete priming the walls. We almost ran out of primer and we are not done. We got back to the hostel and all took showers to get off the paint. We were finally grateful for the cold showers we have been taking.

After dinner we went to tutoring class. Elsa tried to teach the students about the words “can” and “have” typically easy for us but are incredibly difficult to describe the various ways to use them.
Well, we all had a busy day and we will continue to be busy for next two days. We are all very sorry that pictures are not up on this site. We hope to be calling home on Friday so we look forward to speaking with our families again. Our trip is very rewarding, yet tough and stressful at the same time. We will be alright though. We are trying to embrace the struggle because we are doing something very special. We are lucky. We get to go home. Our students can not. We miss you all.