Hello, folks! Today, we woke up at 5:30AM. Despite the fact that it was early, everybody was enthusiastic to continue on the CAP.  First, we went to the comedor and had breakfast. Today we ate French fries and a sandwich. Later on, we went back to the hostel and get ready to go to Escuela el Platanal. When we arrived at the school, we continued our unfinished projects from yesterday which were the tire swings, the compost and recycling system, and the garden.

For the tire swing project, we had to do the third swing for the younger children and we had to cover the chains with smaller tire parts since it was cutting the branches. We built a frame for the compost and designed trash bins to separate all the different types of trash that could be put into the compost or things that could be recycled. For the garden, we added a couple of new frames to the plants and built a barrier for the whole garden. There were also two new projects that we worked today: lunch tables and a tire snake. We decided to buy more lunch tables for the children because they always had to go in different groups because there wasn’t enough tables for all the students, but now they have enough to eat all together. We painted them different colors to add more color to them; they were green, blue, red and yellow. We decided to make a tire snake because we had a bunch of tires left over from the tire swings project. After arranging the tires into a snake, we painted it and even added a snake-like tongue and eyes.

At 12pm, we ate lunch at the school from Deja-Vu. They packed us chicken, rice, salad, and bread. After eating lunch we continued our projects. We were supposed to finish at 4pm but we finished at 3pm. Therefore, we got to the hostel early. Since we finished early, we got an hour of free time. Some of the students bought ice cream and coffee while others bought Burger King. After that, we had dinner at Deja-Vu. We ate gallo pinto with tacos and salad. We went back to our hostel to have our nightly meeting. We ended our day by having our last nightly self-reflection.

Our experience in being leader of the day two days in a row was very challenging yet interesting because we got to gain lots of leadership skills especially since they were very difficult days. We had to guide our group into really hot days to finish the projects. It was very productive. Even though it was very difficult to lead the boys, we still managed to be productive. They don’t listen that well and they like to annoy us. However, we all worked hard in all our projects. We accomplished our mission at the end of the  day and that’s all that matters.


The tire swing project.



The snake tire project.


The garden group.


The sink project.


The water tower project.


The recycling/compost project.


The lunch table project.


The garden project.