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Today we woke up at 8:00 am 🙂 We had breakfast: it was boiled eggs and sweet smashed bananas with a great papaya/guava juice. It was so delicious. Afterwards, we had an academic seminar regarding aid and development, which was followed by a speaker, Juan Carlos, who talked about his youth center, Casa de Juventud, which we are partnering with for our CAP project. Our lunch consisted of white rice, delicious pork chops, bell peppers, and a side of salad and lentils. We then visited the youth center to discuss what our CAP project will be about. We came back to the hostel and had a program seminar about the following day, Living with the Community. We prepared for our English class, which ended up a success. For dinner, we had steamed vegetables, ham, and smashed plantains. We summed up the day with our nightly meetings.

Today was a really fun and inspiring day. As the first day regarding the CAP project, which will impact our community after we leave.