Do you all know what day it is today?? Here’s a hint, when we say Community you say Day, Community Day (x2) !!!!!

This is kalkidan and Nirel speaking, and today we present another episode of our JA1B trip.

Today we woke up our delegation with our beautiful and loud singing voices to get the group up and ready! After we all gathered together at the dining hall we all shared a delicious breakfast of toast, eggs, and enjoyed some fresh fruits. We started filling up our fancy safari truck and headed to Sonido Del Yaque, a small but amazing community in the mountains, filled with many stories and hard working individuals. During our stay there we were able to hear the life stories of many of the leaders in that community which inspired us glimpsers to never give into our struggles and not leave anyone behind when times get very difficult. Then we headed back to our Safari bus and drove back to our hostel where we had free time, so some people used that time to go to stores in Jarabacoa and enjoyed some amazing ice cream! We finished out the night working on our CAP project, having our nightly meeting and celebrating Pride Month with a party!!!

One thing that our delegation learned today was to adapt with the rules assigned to us including many different house chores and did so with so much enthusiasm. And we were all really inspired by the women in that community who were able to take the struggles given to them and turn them into strengths. Being Lider Del Dia has really taught us what it means to take responsibility of a big group and learn to listen to everyone’s needs, and throughout today we were faced with many challenges such as the rainy weather and schedule push backs, but we got through it all!

Thank you so much for tuning in, make sure to come back for the next episode 🙂