Hola Familias!

It’s Nicole and Maya writing to you guys about the 3rdand final day of our CAP project! This morning, we woke up at 7:00 am and headed over to Café Caney for breakfast before our final day. Some students went to go get supplies after breakfast and then we were off on the bus to Escuela Paris. When we arrived we all got straight to work on our different tasks that were left: finishing the basketball courts, painting the walls and gazebo, and beautifying the playground.

After 2 hours of hard work, we ate lunch to boost our energy to finish off the project.

Once we finished, we all felt very accomplished looking around the school at our hard work. We were all so proud of ourselves and morale was high as we knew how excited the students will be to see our hard work. Overall, we had a lot of fun making Escuela Paris a better place and it opened our eyes to how teamwork and motivation can help us achieve whatever we put our hearts to.

After finishing, we had a Community Action Project (CAP) debrief session discussing how the project had gone overall, what our strengths were and what each individual can improve upon for future projects. We bussed back to Hotel Hawaii to wash up after a hard day of work (and lots of paint). Later, we enjoyed another meal at dinner, mashed potatoes, rice and beef! Finally, we had a nightly meeting, reflecting on the day and we were all excited that we finished what we had set our minds to.

We hope everyone is doing well back at home! We miss you guys!

Big Love,

Maya and Nicole