Today was a great day. We started off the day by waking up at 7 am with the intentions of finishing the CAP project to make IPHE a better learning environment for the special needs students. It always brightens our day to see their smiles and talk to them while we work. We worked hard until 2 pm when we finally said goodbye to the school. All of the teachers and students were so appreciative of the work we did and it felt good to be able to help others. We then returned to the hotel and had some free time before our second to last English tutoring session. We had dinner and finally our nightly meeting where we played the infamous “ya-koom” game (basically a ruthless pillow fight in complete darkness). We have all become so close and are sad that the trip is almost over!

As today’s LDDs, we were inspired by the motivation, passion, and determination that we saw from our fellow Glimpsers. We got up early for the third day in a row and every single person put in immense effort to finish our CAP project. Everyone in the group has improved so much with regards to listening, paying attention, and respecting their leaders. We found our job as LDDs rather smooth and simple as everyone showed us great respect. Everyone woke up without any fuss and worked tirelessly for five hours until we all finished our designated projects. We are so sad that there are only a few days left on this trip, but we trust that these last few days will be just as amazing and inspiring as the rest of the trip has been.

Kate: Hi Mom, Dad, Reese, and the cats. I miss you guys but I am having so much fun and learning so much! I don’t want to leave but see you in a few days (Mom don’t forget to pick me up from the airport!). Hope you guys are having fun in Florida without me.

Jada: Hi Mom! I’m having such a great time and miss you so much. Thank you for giving me this opportunity! See you in a few days. Love Jay

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PS. If you have a phone that can handle a Photo Sphere (or VR, fancy) you can view the classroom here.