Bright and early we all woke up at 5:40 and went to breakfast, with our full bellies we drove to pick up a few more supplies and arrived at the school. Although we arrived on time, we were delayed a couple minutes due to the locked gates which we carefully climbed (with a ladder). To all parents, friends and special friends reading, don’t worry your loved ones are perfectly fine. The minute we got passed the gate we all got to work, finishing up painted walls, hop scotch, building soccer goals, and putting finishing touches on the garden. Everything was going smooth until the adorable but deadly kids came by to check out the place and lend a hand, literally, maybe a few hands too many. They each stamped their hand prints on benches, walls, tires, and floors to pull together our ideal design.

Our project was transforming from a dream into reality, it was unbelievable how much 20 people with a big heart and determination can accomplish in just 3 days. I was extremely proud to be apart of such hardworking and free spirited people.  As we continued working for about 4 more hours after lunch, everyone laid in awe of our finished product, a full mural, a set of benches and soccer goals, tires filled with  plants and beautiful light catcher bottles made out of glass and sequence all came together to create a whole new learning environment for the kids. The space was uplifted from grey concrete walls to bright and vibrant colors that excites the kids to go to school every morning.

On the bus ride home we were all relieved and proud as we contemplated where we would go for our 45 minute free time. Some went to cyber cafe and called loved ones back home, while some went on a smoothie and snack run. Dinner and nightly meeting followed afterwards as always and eventually led to me sitting here writing this blog. Thank you for reading and don’t be shy to leave a comment! We love hearing from you and miss home dearly. Most of us more than others, I love and miss a special friend back home and I hope he’s reading this. Anyways thanks again for keeping in touch everyone, come back to hear what adventure or trouble we get into tmr on our free day without supervision!


PS: Eric is the ultimate handy man

PPS: Eric wrote that and might be the only one who thinks that, just kidding!