Today my peers and I went back to Gabriella Mistral to begin our second day of C.A.P (community action project) to discuss our plans and what needs to be done in order to cause a everlasting impact to the Nicaraguan community.  The most surprising event of the day would be the trip to Eskimo which is a ice cream shop. Omg! The ice cream there are delisioso, especially the pitaya. which is a purple dragon fruit ice cream that was so unusual because I have never seen or eaten dragon fruit.  I’m always proud of my peers because they are so cheerful and caring, especially today because of my feet injury.  Everywhere I went they made sure I was ok and even help me with wrapping my bandage.  Honestly, being the el lider del dia (leader of the day) is not that easy, you have to have so much responsibility and commitment.  Though it was a long day, it was all worth it.  Being the leader of the day taught me so much, like how, just because I am a young woman does not prevent me from being able to set up and take charge in leading  my group towards success.