“In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.”

Today we went to the city dump and were exposed to a very disheartening, humbling, and powerful experience. It is difficult to put into words what the students were exposed to, but when you meet a woman who has been struggling to provide for her children by picking trash what would one expect. The kids were moved beyond words. They were angry and sad. They felt guilty and helpless.

But they also felt inspired and empowered. Here they are in Esteli, Nicaragua speaking with a woman whose strength, dignity and charisma resonate her being. They asked many questions about the dump, her life, and the struggles that she faces everyday. One student asked, “Where do you find hope?” She said, “In my God and my children, I hope one day they can bring me a better life.”

This was very powerful. During our self-reflection the students felt the responsibility, and the power to make a difference. They realize that they are the future and their actions can even small can change the world for the better!

After our self-reflection we grabbed some delicious Nicaraguan food from Buffet Esteli. (Who had French fries a nice little American comfort food) Then we came back and met with a “Coyote” (the currency money exchanger) to get Cordoba’s (Nicaraguan currency)

Then it was free time , some students played futbol in the courtyard while others created an impromptu beat boxing session together. After we grabbed some dinner and we went to the “Super Mercardo” for a shopping spree. The students were extremely excited to use their fresh minted “Cardoba’s” and do some bargain shopping. Candy, potpurri, Jello, popcorn, Leche, Coffee, and much more essentials were purchased.

We then walked back to the hotel and the students had an introduction to English-Tutoring seminar. They brainstormed on fun and exciting ways to engage their students who they are eager to meet on Monday. We then had our nightly recap and passed the El Lider del Dia to the first student Nadia!


After that the students had some free time to relax and reflect in the day and Erik and I got a chance to talk further with students about the dump, poverty, and creating change in the world!

It was an awesome day, a roller-coaster of emotions and students were exhausted. 10:30 lights out. Hasta mañana!