Today was sort of an overload of culture. We learned everything we possible could about Jinotega y Nicaragua. In the morning we woke up early and learned how the women of Nicaragua have to wake up early and make corn tortillas. Then we had a chance to make our own with Senora Lupe.


Then we met with Anahi Cruz a fellow teenager in Jinotega and the Beauty Queen of Jinotega y Nicaragua. She told us about the benefits and challenges of being a beauty queen in Nicaragua. We also had a lot of fun teaching her informal dances from California and she taught us the local dance and we played limbo. She continued to have lunch with us and we got to personally talk with her and gossip as teenagers.



Our last speaker of the day was Linda Guitierrez at her home in Jinotega. She is a dance teacher here in Nicaragua and taught us a few more local dances and watched a performance from another dance group in Jinotega.

Lastly we had a seminar to learn different ways to teach English to the people of Jinotega. We will be teaching open classes to all ages in groups. Starting Monday we will be teaching English every Mon, Wed, and Fri from 6pm to 8pm.

Overall we had a fun day and learned how the culture of the indigenous is present in todays culture but is fading away. This is what makes every country’s culture unique.