Glimpsers with Alberto Dance class View point Speech by Alberto

Glimpsers with AlbertoHello family and friends

  • My name is Denis Vallejos, I am one of the cordinators  and today  I took the role of  “El lider del dia” which in english is  student leader of the day. So today I took the role of leader because the first three days the adults take  that role to examplify how to be a good leader.

I am glad to say that everybody is doing very good and engaged in every activity that we do. Also  they are safe and healthy.  Our topic for today was culture . The day began at 7:00am having a tasty Nicaraguan breakfast which was Gallo pinto, eggs and avocado; afterwards the glimpsers had a cultural seminar led by GG leaders  and they learned more about the culture of Nicaragua. After the seminar was done we had a fieldtrip to EL JALACATE  that is a farm in a natural reserve of Esteli where Alberto lives. Before getting there we passed by a view point where we enjoyed a moment with a beautiful landscape. Later we went to EL JALACATE   where we met Alberto who has spent all his life carving on stone the history and culture of Nicaragua. Basically he has lived of his life in his farm and he said that everything began with a dream that he had when he was a child, so all the glimpsers were inspired by him and by what he does.

When we finished our visit we returned to the Hostal to have lunch. In the afternoon we had a “Tusa workshop” . Basically “tusa” is the corn leaf and here in Esteli,  there is an artist that makes cards and paints with that, so our glimpsers had the oportunity to design and make their own cards.  Right after that we had our last activity with a local dance teacher that taught the glimpsers the typical dances of Nicaragua, first we began with dances from the pacific area of Nicaragua, second we learned about the dances from the northen part of the country and last but not least we learn about the dances from the carribbean.

We closed our amazing day with our nightly meeting and passing the torch to our first student leader of the day and, to close strong, the day finished with a self reflection about getting to know each other.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more amazing updates in our Blog. Have a good night and God bless you all.

Best regards

Denis Vallejos

Program cordinator ESTELI2