Hey! My name is Mo, and I was blessed with the honor of being student leader of the day for day three revolving around the idea of culture. I am 17 years old, and I’m from New York City. This is my second time out of the jungles of New York City; entering a world filled with festive culture and non- stop excitement. Everything here is beautiful and unique; being here allows me to to get a better understanding of how the world operates. Seeing poverty levels at its root, but also embracing the pride and passion of the locals here in Nicaragua; I feel the need to help, or be a part of a movement whose supreme goal is to help and give their last to see someone happy.

Today was all about culture, and how significant it is to preserve it. For breakfast we had scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes, ¬†fried cheese, beans, bread, waffle cookies, and orange juice. After breakfast he went to Malpaisillo, a rural area in Leon Nicaragua where we molded and created ceramics. Making ceramics is very traditional and cultural based to the people of Nicaragua; creating them allowed us to have a better understanding of their culture and all it’s wealth. After we created ceramics we came back to the hostel and had lunch. For lunch as macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, refried beans, bread sticks, and a tomato cucumber salad. After lunch we went to a dance class to learn some traditional Latin American dance which included learning ( Salsa, bachata, and samba). This was truthfully the highlight of the day; everyone participate and excitement sprouted throughout the group like a spring flower.

After the dance class he had some free time to cool down from all that dancing, and either shower, or play some cards. For dinner he had a rice, a beef stew, squash in white sauce, and lemon juice. Today was truthfully a work of wonder; I believe it was just a teaser for what this global glimpse experience could bring forth.

P.S- shout out to my family back in the states, don’t worry about me I’m having a wonderful time here in Leon, Nicaragua