Hola Parents and Loved Ones!

Today we got to experience and try new things! First we went to the community tourism center, Pucará Tambo, and learned about the history of the Puruha people, and also got to learn about some of their medicinal herbs and cleansing ceremonies. There, we also tried guinea pig – cuy – and their local foods. Later we prepared empanadas at Nativa restaurant and ate some delicious and filling cebiche.

What resonated with us the most about today was the presence of indigenous culture. The theme of today was culture and indigenous worldviews, and getting to know about the Cacha community and ethnic foods at Nativa was eye opening. At Pucara Tambo, we were educated about indigenous cultures we were unaware about before. It was interesting to experience ancient practices that are still used to this day. A member of the Cacha community, Segundo, showed us the Puruha cleansing ceremony, which was a unique way to get a perspective on their traditions. He used wood, eggs and various herbs, including nettle, on students to rid them of bad spirits and check energy levels.

Looking back, what we can take away from today is to respect and be open to learning about other cultures. As Líderes del Día, we were proud to see the whole group appreciate the culture and be engaged with the activities and locals. We were also delighted to see the indigenous cultures of Riobamba. Today, we were able to build our leadership skills by leading the group through this cultural journey.