Warm regards to all our Readers. My name is Daniel Sanchez and today I was Leader of the Day. Everything from the beginning has been so exciting. There really are no words to define and how pleasantly surprised we are in our hearts this day! We are so proud to have this opportunity with the youth and people of the city. We would like to start describing our morning, a morning full of fun moments, where we began to get to know each other little by little. We began to develop issues of growth and unity. Strengthening our links with our partners and leaders. In the morning we learned about culture and safety, while also doing a team activity. After having a delicious breakfast we had another activity to learn about Dominican culture. To get to know each other, we played a team building game called ¨Ask Me About¨, where we learned about eachothers´ lives and interests.

We had the opportunity to have our city tour by visiting some important parts and landmarks of the city. We shared and walked the city for for an hour and a half; an invaluable experience. Colonel Martin and his crew (Los Bomberos) are extremely proud, competent, and were eager to show off their station to us. Martin’s station serves as a model station for other firehouses around the country, where other Captains come to learn about firefighting best practices. We were also visiting the city hall. Knowing their basic regulations and knowing who are the participants of the town hall apart from the mayor.