“How does culture shape a country?” Well in San Juan de la Maguana there are a variety of components that inspire its community as well as the Dominican Republic.

Today I was lucky enough to lead as El Lider del dia (The Leader of the Day). Today was inspirational and beautiful. To Dominican Republic history to the fashion and the food it was cumulative of culture and displayed true heritage.

After a light breakfast, we were entertained by our GG coordinator’s little sister who aspires to be a history teacher. After her educational presentation, the Mayor of San Juan who is also an architect and fashion designer had various models display her fashions inspired by San Juan de la Maguana. After lunch and a short break, we ventured off with our GG ambassadors who led 21 of us fearlessly through the town of San Juan. We took various trips in separate groups to the Mercado (Supermarket), the sports store, out to get ice cream and souvenir shop. It didn’t stop there. At around 3:30 pm we went in our gua gua (Magic Bus) to The University of the Dominican Republic to learn Bachata, Merengue and Modern Dominican Dance. We had a blast and danced for what felt like hours!!!!!

To the food, music and dance we must understand that in every culture there are specific trends, foods and behaviors alike that we from America cannot begin to understand. However, we, School for Democracy and Leadership and the Eagle Academy are now finally immersing ourselves and diving into the unknown to further understand, accept and become part of the Dominican Republic. We are no longer two schools from Brooklyn in an unknown territory. We are Americans re-culturing, enjoying and supporting our new families in San Juan De la Maguana.

“Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for another culture.”

– Ceaser Chavez

Images are slow downloading- I will be posting a link to Dropbox so you can see all the images and the beauty of Santo Domingo, San Juan de la Maguana in addition to our Glimpsers all taken by ME!!!!!!

Open your heart and you will open your mind- with lots of love from the DR- Ms. E