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Our adventurous day started with the most important meal of the day- breakfast which consisted of Gallo Pinto and our standard quesadilla. We then came back to the hostel to learn more about what the true definition of culture is. We had a blast sharing our own cultural aspects and differences. Whether we talked about food, stories, or dances we all seemed to comprehend culture. Although we talked about culture with each other, we needed perspective. Later in the day we went to Central Park and asked local high school students and venders different questions about their culture, but we could not hold back from learning more about their everyday lives. We asked the high school students about their passions and even connected with a few. Some were musicians like myself.

DSC_5522After the tiring, but stupendous morning we had chicken, beef, and pasta for lunch. We were fully energized to continue our spectacular journey. A grand highlight from our day was going to see circus performers, specifically stilt artists. We walked into the air conditioned and colorful room, as the sounds of drums greeted us, only to find out that our walk would become a dance filled with joy and laughter. The sound of samba vibrated throughout my body. I immediately asked if Dylan and I could join. Smiles shined from one side of the room to the other. It was as if turtles came out from under their shells. We had discovered how to explore outside our comfort zone even though some of us were terrified. It was enchanting to return to the familiar sight of the circus arts.

We returned to the commodore to eat delicious, crispy tacos topped with a coleslaw and sour cream. After our final meal we came back to the hostel to prepare for the English tutoring which we will debut tomorrow with our soon to be students and friends. We spent a delicate time period preparing our lesson plans. As the leader of the day, I was extremely excited to lead a successful adventure.