Today was a busy day full of culture because it was Culture Day and the Global G’s were in great form. We stared our day at 8 o’clock in the morning with another amazing breakfast, then followed by a culture seminar lead by Cynthia. The students learned what culture is and its meaning. The Global G’s looked at the culture of Latin America, and compared it to the culture in the US. They also discussed what they saw on yesterday’s fieldtrip, and how the US culture has influence the culture in Bonao.

DSC02089We left our happy home to embark on the culture of Bonao, which lead us to Piro Espinal who makes custom puppets for Carnival in Bonao. We learned that Carnival is very big in Bonao and everyone comes to celebrate it. The custom puppets that Espinal makes are very beautiful and full of color. He also explained the meaning of each puppet and what its represents. After seeing the custom puppets in his shop, we left for or next journey to the museum.DSC02079

We walked to Museo Candido Bido to see the art of Bonao. We learned that Candido Bido was a shoe shiner that became a world famous artist and helped finance the art museum. He used blues and oranges in his paintings, and draws people with no ears, or eyes, so they cannot see or hear the wrongs in the world, and he also uses doves in his painting to represent peace.DSC02100 After the museum, we went dancing! We learned how to Salsa and Merengue, and everyone danced no matter how ridiculous we looked, and humorous we were. We had an amazing time dancing, and at the end, we lost 10 pounds…….just joking.DSC02124

We then headed back to our happy home to meet the students we are going to teach English to. We had 37 out of 60 that registered for class today, and we figured out what each student’s English level was. The Global G’s did an amazing job handling the class with really no real direction to teach them yet.

Before our Nightly Meeting we had a CAP (Community Action Project) Seminar. We learned what CAP is and went over the 3 D’s: Discovery, Design, and Deliver. We talked about the community we will visit tomorrow where the sight of the CAP will take place. We are super excited for the project even though we do not know what we will be doing yet.

Then we had the Nightly Meet and talked about our day. The Global G’s have a better understand of the culture of the Dominican Republic, but more specifically, Bonao. Global G’s have nothing but BIG LOVE to give.