My name is Elizabeth one of the participants on the trip. I’m writing this blog post to inform everyone about what we have done today and what the theme was. I took on the role on being the first leader of the day. This requires stepping up by waking up everyone and leading the nightly meeting.

Today was specifically focused on the culture of Nicaragua. The first field trip of the day we went to an old prison museum that showed the culture the of Nicaragua in paper mache. The former prison was a place where the police would take people who they thought were trying to begin a revolution. But now the prison has become a place of learning Nicaraguan myths and legends.  After we went to a park to practice talking and asking questions in Spanish to the people who live there. The last activity we did was go to a community that taught dancing and walking on stilts. I’m proud of the entire group because everyone participated in these activities. We have been here only a few days and the fact  that we have only known each other for so little and feel comfortable with one another it is a significant step that we had taken as a group and community.


Nick on stilts



A surprise that we got from  the Global Glimpse Leaders was a cake celebrating 4th of July. We may have not been able to be with our families during this holiday but we have learned so much together with this trip.  The GG Leaders made sure we had a piece of home and a moment to celebrate who we were and what our culture was about.

4th of July