Hello fellow families,

Today was our Culture Day which started up with our 7am wake up call. From there we headed to eat breakfast where we were served the famous “gallo pinto”. After our delicious meal we headed to the hostel to gather our things for our hike to Jalacate. We stopped at Mirador where we saw a beautiful view of the mountains of Estelí and had a volcano in Leon.


Then we continued on our way to meet Don Alberto where we learned about his marvelous stone carvings which showed his admiration for the country of Nicaragua. Something quite amazing about Don Alberto was that even though he had never see animals such as elephants in person he was still able to carve such detailed images.

snake stones

As our time with Don Albert came to a conclusion we headed to the buses (by the way uphill is not fun). Later on it was time to head out to the culture center where we had the first taste of the rain here in Estelí  as we walked. At the culture center we observe women of  Estelí in the process of making paintings of dyed corn leaves. It’s way harder than it looks as we attempted to make cards ourselves, which reminded us of the first art we did in kindergarten “No mom it’s a flower”. From there we walked back an enjoyed a nice break. Soon after we had an intriguing performance of the Nicaraguan history followed up by new dances and chants. Then we headed to  dinner where we had the famous chicken once again, well some of us did. Although our day had some thorns such as going up hill or the rain it was definitely filled with roses. We enjoyed the performance, the viewing of the stones and getting to the top of the hill as a team. Our days are being filled with more marvelous memories and there are certainly more to come.

P.S. Mom, Dad, Jarvusss, Abuelitos, and Salsa I miss you ! By the way “We read these out loud” -Sam R.