Teresa my co- blogger covered our itinerary.  So just a few more points about things here in Nicaragua. I was the ‘student’ leader of the day.  Our students have now watched 3 adults perform this task. Tonight our first real student becomes ‘El Lider Del Dia.’  Cameron will post again tomorrow.  I was in charge of wake up for our students, keeping us on schedule, and being a part of the leadership team.  When our trip to Mirador  and Jalacata went overtime adjustments are made. Just like real life.. One of my highlights was translating for the lady at the Cultural Center. She explained how we would make the cards using the corn ‘leaves,’ from the corn cobs. There are 2 pictures of intent students doing their best making the cards.

tusaaa tusa

The other picture is our group participating in a learning/fun activity just before dinner.  The presentators are a theater group and did a FUN history presentation..  They said we were ‘tuani’   Nicaragua slang for cool!!


PS Hey Family. Love to all –especially C&A and Q and Duece