What a day the Glimpsers had today! They started off their day having in depth conversations about culture, reflecting on their own while  also considering how it influences their perceptions of Dominican culture. We discussed the mixture that makes up Dominican identity (African, Spanish, and Indigenous). This was a perfect way to get them thinking as we visited a local artisan community that produces  “Munecas sin rostros” (dolls without faces). There, students got to learn about the dolls which symbolize the mixture of Dominican society; they have no face, because there is no one identity of Dominican people. Students even got to make their own dolls with local artisans in their workshops.

Upon return to the hostel, students were enthusiastic to participate in a Merengue and Bachata dance class led by two local young men from the community. Each student showed off their moves and had a great time dancing the afternoon away. Some of our students even got to show off their break dancing moves for the teachers who were more than excited to learn this piece of American culture.

In the words of our passionate Glimpsers, “Today was the best day ever! I wish we could rewind the whole day!”