Dear Global Glimpse Family,

My name is Clara and I am one of the Global Glimpse leaders and also the leadership coach for the students and part of my role is to help guide students through the activities and serve as a mentor to help them develop strong leadership skills. With that said today I modeled what it means to be “El Lider del Dia”. As their leader I ensured that all students were safe, that we got to our activities on time, and created productive discussions. Today we had three field trips. Our first field trip was to Tomatoya to meet the wonderful women that run a black pottery cooperative where students learned how to make plates out of clay and also make sweet tortillas! Then we went to INTUR to have a culture presentation, where the students were able to see traditional and modern dance performances. Lastly the students took a dance class at Club Infantil where they were taught salsa, cumbia, and traditional Nicaraguan dance moves. From what I saw this was the activity that the students had the most fun! I am excited to see what the next two weeks have in store for us! So far it has been a pleasure to lead every single student!


Clara Ibarra