IMG_4568 Today was a jam-packed day! After a traditional breakfast of gallopinto (rice and beans), we headed to Masaya to meet Dona Patron who talked to us about her maracas business and showed us the process of making maracas. We all got to try making one from selecting the ball and filling it to painting it. Dona Patron then amazed us with the final phase of the process when she very quickly carved an intricate design in a painted maraca in about 3 minutes flat. We all received a pair of personalized maracas as a souvenir. IMG_4566

Next we ate a traditional lunch of bao, steamed plantains, cassava, and beef wrapped in a banana leaf. After that we made a quick stop at the craft market before heading to Don José Alfredo’s pottery studio. He was so friendly and welcoming and told us about his training and showed us how to make a pot using a pottery wheel, then we all got to try our hand at the wheel and paint a small pot. Many of us bought some of Don José’s beautiful finished pieces to bring home as gifts.


Back at the hostel, we learned about our living like a local day tomorrow and began talking about our Community Action Project. Then we headed to La Favorita for dinner again and enjoyed a dance performance by a high school dance group. We ended our day with our nightly meeting and did a self reflection activity that taught us more about each other.