Today was our fourth night in Nicaragua. We were asked to think about our own culture and what we think about Nicaraguan culture too. First thing we did was go to Museo de Mitos y Leyandas meaning the museum of myths and legends. Our tour guides told us about many different legends like  La Mokana who was locked in a cave and now her spirit locks in men in caves. After we went to the plaza where we formed groups and we asked locals a variety of question for example name traditional dances from Nicaragua and the United States, or name the president from Nicaragua and the United States. Through asking these questions we learned that many locals know a lot about their own culture and they also know other cultures too. Today was our first time taking public transportation, it was a lot different from what we are all use to.  The bus took us to Xuchtial where we learned how to dance a traditional dance from Nicaragua. After sweating and having fun we settled down to create a rug which was not a typical rug,and  it was made out of aserrin which is saw dust. After a long day of seeing Nicaraguan culture we learned that there are many different foods, music, dances, and celebrations.GetAttachment