Buenas noches a todos y todas!

My name is Kristin, and I’m typically the Program Coordinator here in San Cristobal but today I was also honored with the role of La Lider Del Dia (Leader of the Day) which everyone will have the opportunity to do. On their ELDD day, they will have a special place as part of the leadership team helping lead their fellow students and, of course, be writing out to our friends, family and fans–so keep an eye out!


Today was Culture Day, one of my favorite days because this is the day where students’ personalities start to shine and everyone opens up because it starts off with a glorious morning of….dance! However, these guys got the party started before we even got to our destination–singing, dancing, and laughing on the bus ride there! Upon arrival to Fundacion Sol Naciente, the community with whom we spent the day learning about Dominican culture, we got to listen to a group of palos (drum players) play traditional Afric0-Dominican music. The Glimpsers are usually quiet and reserved at this point–but not these guys! They went WILD! Everyone was up dancing and laughing–Glimpsers and community members alike. It was so great to feel the joyous energy bursting through the walls and to see the mixing of the two groups.

Other highlights from today include: the Glimpers getting to talk and get to know the community at Fundacion Sol Naciente who will also be the community they work with for their CAP project, learning about how to teach English which they begin tomorrow, and witnessing some passionate Glimpser debate about Aid and Development!

It has been really awesome getting to know these intelligent, creative, and unique young adults and it’s only Day 3! I can’t wait for what’s in store over the next few weeks!

Hasta luego,