¡Buenos días familias!

Today was a great day with the Global Glimpse family. Naaimah and Lauryn led culture day which was so much fun. We woke up at 8 and ate delicious fluffy pancakes with fruit and avena (a drink made of soaked oats). After breakfast we had free time and played games that allowed us to bond with each other more. Later we had a seminar where we learned about Dominican culture. Jacbo, the instructor of our cultural activity, taught us about the saints and how Dominicans worship them by bringing them food during the service. The alter had 3 main division: Earth, water, and sky. The Sky division consisted of dry foods such as fish that the Haitians can use up to 5 times, candles, and a picture of San Juan. The water division had a big bowl made of (igguera) with popcorn, candy, gum, etc to offer to the saints. The Dominicans worship the Earth division to get better economic conditions. The Earth division was mostly used by Haiti.

Afterwards the band came and showed us more of the Dominican culture. The played music using palos (drums) and maracas. Then we all played more games to get to know each other better. Lunchtime we had delicious food like, rice, chicken, quinoa and, potato chips. After our meal we had another seminar where we prepared for our English tutoring. Then we had a tiring, amazing dance class where we learned merengue, bachata and, Magalia. These dances were very fast paced and tiring. Everyone sweated on the dance floor. Naaimah stole the show and got to dance in the middle with one of the professionals. Then we had a mini dance party where everyone got together and danced to American and Spanish music. We all had a fun and energetic time with our ambassadors from the DR.

Later, for dinner we at spaghetti and garlic bread and juice. We then played another game where we asked each other questions to get closer. (We learned that Naaimah has all 10 toes and Lauryn wants to travel to Africa someday.) We ended the day with an enriching discussion about how culture is shared in America and how Dominican culture can be applied to our culture.

Shout out to mom and mi familia! Love you miss you!!  *Lauryn*

Shout out to all my family miss u lots but I’m loving it here..!!! *Naaimah*