Hi families & friends!

Today was an incredible culture day filled with food, drink, dancing, and conversation. We had an early wake-up call to hit the road in the morning to a small, rural community of Jarabacoa called Campo Añil. Here we visited Los Bohios, a unique and quaint tourist destination that preserves many distinctive factors of traditional indigenous and Dominican culture. The hosts served us delicious chocolate and Casabe (a traditional yuca bread), we learned the Dominican way to play dominoes (I’m still working on my strategy), and our guide, Eunice, shared stories about her childhood growing up on the property without running water or electricity. She was easily the best part of the visit. She made us feel at home and we all appreciated her hugs when we left.

In the second activity of the day, Adelso and his partner, Mariela, came to teach us how to dance bachata and merengue. The instructor did say that we were the best class he has ever taught. I agree 🙂

The final activities of the day included the tutoring seminar, lesson planning, and preparation for our “Living Like a Local” day tomorrow. This includes a night with no electricity and running water. We hope everyone sleeps well for a busy day of work tomorrow.

Much love!

  1. Learning about the history of life in Los Bohios.
  2. Eunice showing us the cacao seed.
  3. Team photo in Los Bohios with our gracious hostess: Eunice.
  4. Jishnu & Briseyda dancing bachata & merengue.
  5. Team photo with our dance instructors: Adelso & Mariela.
  6. Cecilia’s birthday surprise after dinner!