Today was an eventful day. We woke up bright and early, packed into our bus and made our way to San Juan. When we arrived we immediately got the sense that this town beamed with pride…. and for good reason. From the delicious, authentic Dominican food we ate at Onaney Restaurant for lunch to the beautiful Plasa Caonabo we experienced the rich history and culture of the this town and country. The highlight of the day for me was when we visited the City Hall. We had a lecture by Professor Francisca Ogando about the history of the Domincan people. She explained to us how Dominicans are a blend of African, Tainos, and Spanish culture. We also had the opportunity to dance to merengue and meet the local teen ambassadors. This was a treat because it offered our Glimpsers the opportunity to bond with some of the locals who were very eager to share their culture. They stayed with us through the evening and help prepare the Glimpsers for the English lessons they will be teaching starting tomorrow. I think the most profound moment of the day was when we started opening up as a group during our nightly meeting. I look forward to the many opportunities that we will have to get to know and grow with one another.