DSCN2691Hello families!

On this amazing day I had the chance to be the leader of the  day. Being the leader of the day means you are responsible for the group and making sure they are safe and able to accomplish the goals of the day. Today’s goal was to learn more about the culture of the Nicaraguans. It was a jam packed day with a lot to do, from tours to even dancing. We learned the  basic steps to salsa and visited a museum that once was a jail. At the museum, Mitos y Leyendas. We saw hand made masks and were able to even make our own. Hopefully some of you get these gifts! we have been doing great so far, the students are good and healthy and they  have been staying hydrated. We ate pancakes for breakfast this morning with a fruit drink, for lunch we ate chicken with sauce, and for dinner we had more Gallo Pinto. We also prepared for our English classes we will begin tomorrow. Our days will be more and more busy so keep in mind we might not be able to call/contact families. Have a great night and we hope to contact you soon.


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