Today we learned four different styles of traditional Ecuadorian dances after a delicious first Ecuadorian meal at Roma Santa! We had a scenic four-hour drive from the capitol, Quito, to our final destination, Riobamba! We checked into the delightful Hotel Tren Dorado, which we learned used to be a theater! The gardens and rooms are so beautiful and the conference rooms are spacious enough for socializing after the nightly meetings–some students took it upon themselves to organize an ice-breaker card game tonight!

Our gracious chef, Isabella at Roma Santa is making traditional Ecuadorian food for us. At lunch we tried traditional quinoa soup with an exquisite chocolate cake for dessert- we learned Ecuador has the best chocolate in the world according to the International Chocolate Awards having given Pacari Chocolate the Gold Medal three years running!

After a tiring journey, the delicious meal and dance class reenergized everyone! Tonight there is a lot of laughter and bonding. Tomorrow we take a tour of the city and do a scavenger hunt to learn more about Riobamba’s rich history and significance to Ecuador’s development!

After dancing the day away!