We were so nervous to be first pick for Leaders of the Day (LDDs) but so thrilled to have been LDDs. In order to have been Leaders of the Day we had to show our talents. Although we were nervous to dance and rap in front of the rest of the Glimpsers we persevered to succeed into receiving our sashes as LDD’s.

We started our day pretty early, waking up at 7:00 in order to be able to shower and wake everyone up. Dylan kept waking up every hour and woke people up early thinking it was time to wake up. But through the rough morning, we had a great day planned ahead of us.

First we had a Deidades (Saint) lesson where we learned from Jacob, a local Dominican, about  how religion came to the Dominican and how their religion and culture is different from that of the Haitians but have a lot of similarities. Jacob also presented us with a musical display from a local band who all sang and played drums for us. We and the Glimpsers all enjoyed feeling the rhythm and enjoying the music.

Later on in the day we had a dance group by the name of Boy’s Dancing come to teach us different styles of Latin dancing. One of which being Bachata, which is originated in the Dominican Republic. Along with many other styles Bachata has different ways of being danced. The two different styles learned were Popular and Classical, which differentiate in speed and difficulty.  All the Glimpsers took on the challenge to dance, let loose, and indulge themselves in the Dominican dance culture.

Along with the many program seminars we had, we also had English tutoring training. We will take part in the actual tutoring classes tomorrow. The Glimpsers will have the opportunity to teach over 300 students. Split into groups, the Glimpsers prepared lesson plans for class tomorrow.

We were so grateful to have a great experience with traditional meals such as La Vandeda and not only being Leader’s of the Day, but being leaders on culture day!