Today was a well-deserved day of rest. It was our first free day which meant we all broke up into little groups and got to explore Jinotega the way we wanted to. Even so there was some time committed to designing our community action project. Some of us went to visit the senior home for a second time to figure out logistics. We ended up changing our plans from making a physical therapy room to reconstructing the laundry room. We did this because that is what the home most needed. This became clear when one of the ladies in charge began to cry when she found out we were going to redo the laundry room for them. She gave us hugs and was very grateful which was a very special moment for all of us there.

Another special aspect of the day was that it was the first day in a week that everyone was able to come! Before there had been so many people sick that had to stay behind. But today everyone got to go out haves great experiences.

During this free day people did many different things, anywhere from calling home to going for coffee. Others got smoothies, or ice cream, or spent the day shopping. It was great having freedom to explore this great city that has become our home away from home.

Yet another special moment began after dinner. It all started with the five year old daughter Juliana of the amazing family that owns the place where we have the majority of our meals. She said she loved to dance and wanted to show us her moves. Eventually everyone was up from their seats having a blast. The fun continued when we stepped outside to find that another dance party was taking place amongst the locals. They were so welcoming to us, they even brought out extra chairs for us as soon as we showed up.  We hung out there for a bit and we were back by curfew. Overall the day was super fun but also productive.

Sending my love to everyone in the States!

Lauren Estrada