Hello Everyone out there reading this blog!

Today was a jam packed day of exploring our host city of Constanza. The focus for today was the history of the Dominican Republic and how that history impacts the country today. To accomplish this we started our day off with a small group history activity to learn some of the facts about the DR’s past. Then this afternoon we went on a city tour to see some of the historic sites in Constanza. We had an especially great opportunity to meet and talk with the local Bomberos (Fire fighters) and hear how they support the local community(see picture below). We also visited the central park of Constanza called Parque Anacaona (View Picture below). Here the locals gather for cultural events, holidays and celebrations. Local music can be heard playing in the park most nights. After our tour we had a free hour that most of the Glimpsers decided to visit a local shop called A Punto de Nieve. On the way we even ran into another delegation of glimpsers that are staying at a neighboring hotel. Once at the shop we had some great pastries and drinks before heading back to the hotel for dinner. Speaking of dinner, we also had our first opportunity to try the cooking of our host Dilenia, which did not disappoint. Dilenia and her staff have been cooking us traditional local dishes for all of our meals. They have been delicious and we are excited to continue to try more of the local delicacies!

We will update you tomorrow after we finish our cultural day. It looks to be filled with lots of crafts, dancing and yes a lot of fun.