Vanessa, Reya, Elizabeth, Itzel, myself, and Jackie are posing in front of the fountain in the main plaza

Today was the second free day of this amazing trip. We were all looking forward to this day because, first, we could sleep in a little more even though most of us get woken up by the sunlight and, secondly, because we would be able to explore the streets of Leon on our own. To start of the day, we had some amazing pancakes at our usual spot, Comedor Imabite. Then after that, that’s when all the fun started and we could go to all the places we’d been wanting to go to.

But of course we had a sign out sheet to let the GG Leaders know where we would be at and with who so they could know where to locate us. Many of our first spot was the Internet Cafe because we wanted to speak to our loved ones and hear their voices and simply tell them how we were doing, but the bad news was that the phones weren’t working. So while someone came to fix the phones, we went to get smoothies, buy souvenirs to take back home, buy ice cream, stock up on snacks at the supermarket, go to McDonalds, or just walk around. We noticed that souvenirs are way cheaper here. Most things were below $5 (or 150 cordoba), so with not a lot of money, we could buy a lot of things.

Ryan, Wendy, Allison, Cherin, Justin and Jonathan enjoy ice cream

After hours of fun it was time to eat lunch, we had the chance to chose if we wanted to eat at Imabite or somewhere else, but we still had to show up so the GGL’s could know we were all safe. During lunch we all laughed at the stories being told and we all just had a great time. One story that everyone was talking about was that at the ice cream shop there was this really cute guy and that he was very muscular. So a couple of our friends took a picture with him. Then after lunch we had a couple of hours to continue our exploring until it was time for dinner. Then after dinner we headed back to the hostel to talk about the things we bought and how our days went.

Overall my experience as Lider Del Dia went well. I enjoyed being able to be the leader especially with my peers always complimenting me on how I was doing a great job.