Hello everyone, it’s Brenda! I am today’s Leader of the Day for Adventure Fun Day. The ambassadors joined us on this relaxing day.

In the morning, we visited the beautiful Salto Baiguate; it was mesmerizing to look at the lush greenery especially the trees and the hidden waterfalls within the majestic nature. However, the stone zig-zagged stairs were traumatizing to climb down with its steepness and grand height. Though we couldn’t swim near the waterfall with its dangerous vacuuming powers, we swam nearby and had a blast! Some of us played volleyball in the waters and splashed the person who failed to return the spike, some danced to Jun’s tunes (blasted from his speakers), and others played card games. Additionally, our Global Glimpse leader, John, chilled on a giant rock and read his favorite book. Thank you to Rafael and John, the waterfall lifeguards, for allowing us to hang out at the waterfall while making sure that we were safe.

After a few hours, we went to the next location- Rancho Dos Rios that was located about twenty minutes away. Lunch was provided at the place, a delicious plate of chicken with buffalo sauce, rice, fried plantains, and a small garnishing of parsley and carrots; they also gave us some Sprite! We swam at their pool while listening to American pop songs like Bruno Mars’ Finesse and That’s What I Like; a fun game we played was Sharks and Minnows where Allen attempted to tag players as they tried to get to the other side of the pool; Hattie was the victor as she outlasted everyone in the game. When we returned, we started to design our CAP (Community Action Project) in the second phase, and later this week we will present our plans to the community. The day was really fun because we got to relax in the waters after performing jobs like picking up the trash and weeding coffee plants. Furthermore, I enjoyed being the LDD because this was the first opportunity I had of being an integral leader with tasks such as role calling, announcing what was on the food menus, and presenting at the nightly meeting; I felt like I grew my communication and compassion skills. Lastly, I felt like my perspective on this trip grew because initially, I was kind of afraid of being in this new environment where I didn’t know anyone and where I was living. However, it felt amazing to help others and gain knowledge in this process.

Thank you and we will see you soon!

Glimpers pose for a picture during the hike to the waterfalls

Battle of the Chickens

The Boyz

Our delicious lunch

Nicole and Angie having fun at the waterfall

Glimpsers with their fellow youth ambassadors

Group picture at the waterfalls

A “friendly” game of cards

Salto Baiguate waterfalls

Tony photobombs Glimpsers