Hey all! Today we worked with kids in the Manitas Trabajadoras organization to help them sell candies and shine shoes for a couple hours. The purpose of the organization is to help the kids stay off the street and in school while still supporting their families. Before going out to sell the candies, we took a moment to have fun with the kids and get to know them through a game. Although it was a pretty emotional day seeing how poverty affects their lives and how they work so hard to support their families at such a young age, we still had fun getting to know them and helping them out. The leaders of the organization, Javier and Flor, were inspiring to us because they work with the sole intention to help out the kids in any way they can without expecting anything in return. After returning to the hotel, we went out for free time where we split into groups and explored the city. We finished the night with cake in celebration of Kristen’s birthday (Happy 16th birthday!!).

(Hi Mom & Dad! Say hi to Ollie for me! -Matthew)

(Hello family, answer my calls I get charged by the second. – Celia)