Our day started off fairly early waking up at around 6:15 am. We had a delicious breakfast prepared by Licelot (the best chef ever!), which was grilled cheese and hot cocoa. At 7 am we prepared for the upcoming 2 and a half hour drive to Puerto Plata, the location of 27 Charcos (Damajagua Waterfalls) which was our destination for a marvelous Adventure Fun Day. 

We began the adventure with a 30 minute hike at 27 Charcos. Our lovely tour guides, Piro and Arobalis took action into guiding us on our exciting adventure. After the surprisingly exhausting hike (many struggled to reach the top), we all found that the struggle was not in vain as we began to realize what was next. The biggest obstacle in our way was jumping off of a 13 ft tall waterfall. The obstacles that came after included sliding into more water and jumping off more ledges. As leaders, we encouraged many to face their fears and jump into the water meanwhile we also sympathized with those who were uneasy about the jump. It was important to us that everyone had fun even if they did not jump or join the group on the hike. To end the wonderful time we had on the adventure, we had a delicious buffet lunch where everyone ate until they couldn’t eat a single bite more. 

The group experienced several challenges and unforgettable moments today. Hopefully this memory accompanies them throughout their lives because they will for sure remember that they’re capable of doing anything! (Today a 13 ft waterfall, tomorrow perhaps a 50 ft one? Who knows?) We’re proud of all our Glimpsers for taking adventure day head on and we wish Sherica, Ami, and Dolly the best of luck in leading the group tomorrow. XOXO

Big love to everyone, 

Andrea & Jerry

Here are some great pictures of the day:

Super color coordinated Lideres del Dia 🙂

Just hanging out!

The water was so nice and cool!

Sliding down is so fun!