Paul's family with the Glimpsers

Hi Everybody, Leaders of the Day (LDD), Aditya and Anson here.

Today we woke up super early at 6AM for our Fun Day, which is also Aditya’s birthday.  To start off the day, we walked to Roma Santa for breakfast, which consisted of bananas, apples, granola, strawberry yogurt, pancakes, and hard-boiled eggs. During breakfast, we gave Aditya a birthday brownie, sang Happy Birthday for the first time, and Nelson presented Aditya with a gift. At 7:30AM, Don Victor drove us through stormy mountains to Baños, where we visited Pailón del Diablo. We reached Pailón del Diablo around 9:30 AM. At the Pailón del Diablo, we walked down steep stairs and crossed suspension bridges to reach the waterfall, which was amazing. After the waterfall, we drove into the city to have lunch at D’Antonio around 1PM.  We enjoyed a delicious Ecuadorian carrot soup with popcorn, babaco juice, and chicken and rice. We then had free time in the city center. We all walked to the town’s artisan market and shopped a little bit before splitting into groups. Half of us continued to shop while the other half walked with Paúl and Andrea to another local waterfall.  At 3PM, we were supposed to board the bus back to Riobamba, but visited Paúl’s parents instead. Paúl’s mom had baked a birthday cake and we sang Happy Birthday for the second time. At 4PM, we boarded for a long trip back to Hotel Tren Dorado. After a short break, we walked to Lina Restaurant for dinner at 6:30PM. We had burritos and enchiladas. At dinner, the restaurant baked a chocolate cake and cheesecake for Aditya’s birthday and we sang Happy Birthday for the third time. After three cakes and one birthday brownie, we ended the day with a roof party and Ecuadorian piñata. We passed the LDD torch to Samantha for Free Day #2 tomorrow.

-Aditya and Anson


Aditya, Isabelle and Anson start the day off with a cake for Aditya’s birthday!!


Isabelle’s son Nelson and Aditya have become good friends and he gave Aditya a gift:-)

Samatha’s first time trying pancakes – and she definitely enjoyed them along with Ramon, Diana and Claire!

Raging River! The sound was deafening!


Our fun day to Banos was a little wet…..looking good Glimpsers in those $2 ponchos!


Aditya leading the pack across a wet, wobbly, FUN suspension bridge!


Natalie keeping dry and looking good!

Glimpsers at the base of the waterfall! The sound was so LOUD!


Karla and Gina at the waterfall

Pictures don’t do justice to the beauty of Banos!


Jax looking for something special for Rita (Mom:-) )

Jocee and her amazing LLAMA sweater!!!


Glimpsers helping the local economy!!

Leaders of the Day – Anson and Aditya (B-Day Boy!)