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Laughs & Good Times


The Delegations Connect!

Heyo!! It’s Quincey checking in with all of our adoring fans.  After a working hard (or hardly working) at the farm yesterday, today’s fun day at Monkey Hut in the Laguna de Apoyo was a much appreciated break.

We had another early one today, with everyone rolling out of bed at 5 in the morning to head over to our destinations for the day, first the city of Catarina, then the Laguna de Apoyo.  The three hour bus ride gave everyone a much needed chance to catch up on the sleep they missed out on with such an early wake up call (sorry y’all, not my choice.)

We made our way to Catarina around ten and headed right on over to a scenic viewpoint overlooking the Laguna de Apoyo.  Catarina, known for its sweet view and excessive souvenirs, gave us a nice opportunity to stretch out our legs and haggle over everything from t-shirts to hammocks.  We only stayed for a cool minute, as we had a jam packed day of swimming (and maybe some bruises) ahead of us at Monkey Hut.

Upon arrival, we ran into another delegation from Granada; as it happened, they swooped all of the life jackets before we got there, so we “patiently” waited for our resident firefighters and protectors of the day to hit us up with some more.  During that brief intermission, we headed over to the bar and ran up the tab (non-alcoholic, of course, don’t freak out mom.)  After about half an hour, we were able to head on down to the water.  After lunch, we had about three hours more to go wild in the water before it was time to start packing up again to head out.  Despite the collective experiences of being dive tackled by firefighters, slipping (or being pushed) off of our little floating barge, and mad dashes to swipe a hammock before someone else did, today was an unforgettable day for E1C — definitely a highlight in the grand scheme of things.

At four, we were all aboard the bus and bounding back to Esteli. Three hours and some breathe taking views later, we rolled back to Hotel Chico and practically fell asleep on our plates (just as I’m about to on this laptop right now..)

That’s it for today folks! Check in again tomorrow for more tales of our adventure.

Gotta blast,

Quincey Caldwell